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Student Employment Handbook

Applying for a job

Updated lists of available positions are available for both School Year and Summer positions. Email a copy of your résumé, your references and cover letter to the supervisor listed, or send them to:

Attn: [supervisor's name]
Marlboro College
PO Box A
Marlboro, VT 05344-0300

Supervisors will interview students during the first weeks of school.

Preparing to Work

  1. Fill out the I-9 and W-4 forms and return them to the HR office.
  2. Once you are hired, fill out the Authorization to Work contract with your supervisor.
  3. Meet with your supervisor to agree on a Student Employment schedule.


You can earn Work Study wages only during the academic period. To work during the summer, complete the summer contract.

Time Cards

Time cards cover two-week periods starting on a Saturday and ending on a Friday. Week ending means the date of each Friday. A schedule of week ending dates and payroll dates is available online.

Please see instructions for completing online time entry.

Be sure to 'submit time' entered online to your supervisor. Your supervisor will review your hours and electronically 'approve' or 'reject' the card.  'Approve' will forward your time to the Accounting office for payment by noon the following Monday.

If you're working more than one on-campus job you must complete a separate work authorization for each job. Each work authorization will generate a separate position in Nook in which to record time.

No Late Time Cards

Please adhere to the payroll schedule for submission and approval deadlines. Failure to adhere puts the College in non-compliance with state and federal laws.  Emails are generated to you as a student as a reminder that a submission is due.  Once submitted to the supervisor, the supervisor will approve for submission to Accounting for payment. Students will receive emails from supervisor and Student Accounts when process has been completed.  Contact your supervisor if you have not received the confirmation email by end of day on Monday.  Late time cards may be paid with the next biweekly payroll.


Paychecks are issued to students who do not have a direct deposit set up.  There is an ATM on campus to draw funds, but banks are located in Brattleboro.  We highly suggest completing the direct deposit form so that funds may be accessed at the ATM. Paychecks are available every other Thursday between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. from the receptionist's office on the first floor of Mather. Stubs for direct deposit are sent to your student mailbox. Paychecks will not be given to anyone other than the payee. Checks not picked up between the above times will be available at the Student Accounts office.

Direct Deposit

We highly encourage students to have their paychecks direct deposited into their bank accounts.  You'll need to fill out the Direct Deposit enrollment form.  Many local banks charge a check cashing fee, direct deposit can save you money and lost checks Funds will be avaialbe immediately at the ATM located at the College Campus Center.

Rights and responsibilities of Student Employees

If you have any questions about your rights and/or responsibilities, talk with your supervisor or the HR office.


  • To receive adequate supervision and reasonable task assignments from your supervisor.
  • To earn your wages and receive pay checks on a biweekly basis.
  • To expect your supervisor to approve your time submission electronically according to the payroll calendar.
  • To receive one written warning notice if your work or attendance is not acceptable to your supervisor, with an explanation of the problem and a date by which the problem should be resolved.
  • To receive one written warning notice from Student Accounts office if they do not receive timely submission of your hours worked at the end of each pay period, with an explanation of the problem and a date by which the problem should be resolved.
  • To receive written notice of dismissal from your job.


  • As soon as possible, give your supervisor a copy of your class schedule and create a work schedule based around it.
  • Be prepared to work no more than 10 hours per week. Your work schedule is to be adhered to while the College is open, including days immediately preceding or following vacations. You should not expect to work during school vacations.
  • You will be expected to work up until the last day of school even if your academic work has been completed.
  • If illness or other unavoidable circumstances make it impossible for you to work, let your supervisor know.
  • Complete and submit time cards honestly, accurately,  and in time according to the payroll calendar.
  • Once you have accepted a job, you are expected to remain on that job for at least a semester. Changing jobs during the semester is allowable only under extreme circumstances.

Rights and responsibilities of Student Employment Supervisors


  • To expect students to arrive on time, work scheduled hours and perform duties as assigned in a satisfactory manner.
  • To request a new student employee if the supervisor's current student does not fulfill the requirements of the job.


  • To provide the student employment coordinator with a full written job description for each position requested.
  • To provide adequate supervision of student employees.
  • To check time cards for accuracy, and approve them electronically in accordance to the payroll calendar.
  • To issue a written warning notice to students detailing any complaint and setting the conditions desired to resolve this problem. A copy of the notice must be provided to the Student Employment coordinator.
  • To issue a written notice of dismissal when circumstances warrant, detailing reasons for the dismissal. A copy of the notice must be provided to the Student Employment coordinator.


If you are fired for cause from a student employee position, you will not be offered another job assignment for the remainder of the academic year. If you are fired a second time, you will not be offered a student employment position at Marlboro again.

Reasons for dismissal

Falsifying your time card: If you are found guilty of falsifying your time card, you may be dismissed immediately, and may be required to repay funds you did not earn. If you are work study eligible, you will also be ineligible for future Work Study awards.

Inadequate job performance: If, in the judgment of your supervisor, you are not performing adequately in your job, you may be fired if your performance does not improve after you have received a formal written warning.

Absence without advance notification: If you miss work without advance notification or an acceptable excuse, your supervisor may issue you a warning. If you miss work without notification or an excuse after the warning has been issued, your supervisor may fire you.

Failure to work: If you miss work for an entire two-week pay period without an acceptable explanation, your student employment may be terminated for the rest of the semester without a warning notice.

Failure to submit hours worked: If you fail to adhere to the deadline of submission according to the payroll schedule, your student employment may be terminated for the rest of the semester after one warning notice.

Work Study

Applying for a Work Study award

Work Study is made available as part of your Financial Aid Package. To take advantage of Work Study, you must follow the instructions and complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the appropriate deadline.

The main criterion for qualifying for Work Study is financial need. Need is determined by the Financial Aid Office after evaluating your financial aid applications. You'll receive notification of your eligibility as part of the Financial Aid Award. You must be enrolled full time and be working toward a degree at Marlboro College. You must also be making satisfactory academic progress. As with most financial aid programs, if the financial status of you or your family changes, the amount of your Work Study award could change. Students not eligible for Work Study are eligible for the Job Program.

Earning a Work Study award

Because Work Study is a financial aid program, you are allotted a set amount of money that you can earn. Once you've earned that money, your Work Study job is over, until the following semester when you receive your next financial aid award. It is important that you do not try to earn your award more quickly as your supervisor has a need for you for the entire semester. You and your supervisor should talk about your schedule if you are not going to earn all of your award or if you are earning it too fast.