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Plan of Concentration Submission Guidelines

A printed paper copy and a digital copy of your Plan are required for graduation.

The printed paper copy and the digital copy must be submitted to the Registrar by noon on the Thursday before the final faculty meeting. All components of the digital Plan may be emailed to the Registrar.

Printable version of Plan Submission Guidelines

Following are guidelines for appropriate submission formats

Printed Paper Copy of Plan
(The print copy will be bound and shelved in the Plan Room in the Library.)

  • 8 ½” x 11” white or cream paper
    • Rag or cotton mix paper is permitted
    • Regular copy paper (which is acid free) is permitted
    • Colored paper is not permitted
  • Title page with the following information:
    • Title of Plan
    • Name of Student
    • Name of Sponsor(s)
    • Month/year of graduation
    • Marlboro College, Marlboro, Vermont
  • No binders, holes, or staples. Registrar will place Plan in a manila envelope once received
  • Submit digital files (photos, music, film, code, etc) to be included with print Plan on CDs or DVDs
  • If single-sided, left margin must be 1"; if double-sided, both margins must be 1"
  • Pagination on bottom center of page

Digital Copy of Plan
(The digital copy will be the archived copy of record.)

  • Text components of plan should be submitted as a single, standalone PDF file. Components should appear in the same sequence that they do in the print copy.
  • Acceptable formats for image/photo components: TIFF, JPEG
  • Acceptable formats for audio components: Audio CD, AIFF, WAV, MP3 (192 kbps or higher)
  • Acceptable formats for video components: DVD, DV Stream, MPEG4 (1000kbps or higher)

See also Plan Information (Personal Copies, Copyright Statement) (Library website), Reimbursement for duplication costs


Registrar's Office

Beth Ruane, Library Director, paper formatting or additional copies of Plan questions

Amber Hunt, Reference and Technology Librarian, digital formatting questions