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Wi-Fi Overview

The IT Department provides Wi-Fi (wireless Internet) service options for anyone needing Wi-Fi access while on campus. Users can connect to one of the Wi-Fi networks by selecting the appropriate network, which are further described below, from the wireless list on their computer or mobile device.


signal_wifi_4_bar Guest

The Guest Network is available to any guest that is visiting the campus. This network allows users to browse the web and use common apps (like Gmail) but prevents access to other services (such as VPN and Bit Torrent). Access to this network is normally set to expire after six hours, at which point the guest must reconnect. However, during the Marlboro Music Festival access is extended for the duration of the festival. If you are a visitor sponsored by the College and need more comprehensive access, consider connecting to the Marlboro College network instead. If you were not issued and are unable to acquire a Marlboro Account, then this is the recommended Wi-Fi network.

Guest wifi

signal_wifi_4_bar_lock Marlboro College

The Marlboro College Network is available to students, faculty, staff members, and visitors with pre-arrange access. After initially connecting to this network, users must sign in using a web browser and their issued Marlboro Account. This network has no individual bandwidth limits and nothing is blocked. After disconnecting for a few hours, the session will "time out" and you'll need to reconnect using a web browser. If you are trying to connect an older gaming system or other device without a web browser contact the IT Department to arrange access. Access to this network expires when the account registered with it is revoked. These procedures also apply for connecting to a public ethernet port in places like dorms. 

Marlboro College Wifi


For questions about Wi-Fi service, coverage, or if you need an account for full access, please contact Tech Support: | 802-258-9274