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Network Account Policy



Enrolled students, including those on temporary leave, are granted an email address. This email address is used for official college communications and students are responsible for checking it regularly; directions on how to forward email addressed to that account to another can be found under the Email Forwarding Tutorial.


Students enrolled in one more courses at Marlboro but not working toward a degree can request to have a network account, granting them access to library and learning resources, wireless internet access on campus, and email. However, such accounts will immediately be disabled, without notice, once the term in which they are enrolled ends.


When a student’s academic status becomes “Withdrawn” according to the Office of the Registrar, his/her account will be disabled. Under normal circumstances, the IT department will immediately disable access to community services (e.g. Nook and Courses), notify the account user via email of the impeding changes, and allow at least a month of continued access to email and file storage (so the account user can move things off of Marlboro’s network). All email and files will then be deleted off the server.


When a student’s academic status becomes “Plan Discontinuance” or “English Discontinuance,” the same procedure will be followed as Withdrawn. However, account users will usually be granted 1 academic term of continued email and file storage use before the account is completely disabled.


Graduates of the undergraduate college are granted their addresses for life, though they do not have space on a server for file storage. After Commencement, the IT department will allow at least a month for graduates to move their non-email files off of Marlboro’s network.


Faculty email and file storage accounts are granted to all faculty, including adjuncts, temporary replacements, and fellows. All such accounts will be disabled immediately upon termination of employment (excluding emeriti faculty).


Staff accounts have different username than student accounts. Meaning, if a student becomes a staff or vice versa they need a new account. Staff are granted an account only while they are employed. They will loose access to those accounts immediately upon termination of employment. Staff are eligible for IT services until their last day of employment. Following the last day of employment, the individuals account and data will be permanently removed. If an email account was used for business purposes, the departing staff member should inform the IT department how their email should be redirected after their departure. If a departing staff member is also an alum of the college, please inform the IT department. The account will be moved to alumni status instead of being removed.

Leaving the College

After any individual exits the College their username will not be reassigned to a different person. It is important that each username remain mapped to one individual because vendors may provision access to their systems and store sensitive information based on this identifier. For example, when Jane Doe accesses the third party online billing system her information could be stored based on her username, jdoe. If we allowed for the reuse of Jane's username, then eventually another individual might log in to the same payment portal and see her information, which could constitute a breach of security and/or privacy.


The college takes a once-daily snapshot of user account data to protect against the result of hardware failure. These backups are not maintained for archiving purposes, may exclude emails and files created and deleted between backup snapshots, and are deleted after 21 days. (This policy excludes administrative server data, such as financial and registrar records, and files on administrative servers, which are retained as long as the backup medium remains readable.)

Exceptions to the above policies may be granted only by the college administration or where described in the Acceptable Use Policy.