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Computer Lab Usage Policy

Work Priority:

Academic work always has first priority over all other usage of the lab equipment. Persons doing non-academic work (non-specific web browsing, social e-mailing, pleasure writing, etc) are expected to surrender the use of the lab computers to persons who need the equipment for academic work.

Using the equipment for non-classwork related purposes has second priority. This includes just about all uses of the computer outside of game playing. Self-training, web browsing or editing, e-mailing, ftp-ing, and other uses of the equipment is allowed as long as there are machines available for those who need to do academically related work. This sort of usage is encouraged, as it allows the users to become more comfortable with the equipment.

Lab Monitor Authority:

While the lab monitors are on duty, they are the duly appointed enforcers of the lab policy. They are responsible for being sure the equipment is not being abused, as well as assuring that everyone is signing up for their time on the lab computers. They are also the persons responsible for judging what is academic work, what is non-academic work, and what is not allowed in the labs. It is their duty to keep things running smoothly in the lab, keeping the noise level down to a library-like standard, as well as resolving any conflicts regarding equipment usage. All persons using the lab are expected to listen to lab monitors, and follow their instructions. If anyone has a problem with the way a lab monitor is handling a situation, or the general behavior of the lab monitors, they should report the matter to the IT Department.