• On the page that you’d like to add/update a file, find the Edit button at the top of the page.  If this button does not appear then you should make sure you’re logged in.  If you are logged in then you probably don’t have access to the page.  You can request access from techsupport@marlboro.edu.
  • If you’re updating a link, select the existing link’s text and proceed to the next bullet item. If you’re adding a new link, you must first type in the text and then select the text where the you’d like the link to be.
  • Once you have the text selected, in the panel of buttons (at the top of the editor), click the link button (the whole chain, not the broken chain). If these button appear grayed out, make certain you have the text selected where the link should be.
  • This should pop up a smaller window that allows you to modify the file link directly or to open a file browser.  Open the browser
  •  In the file browser, in the left window, navigate the directory tree to a place where it makes sense to store your file
  • Select the upload file button at the top
  • In the next popup window, select Choose File
  • Choose the file you would like to upload and press Upload
    • You don’t need to worry about creating thumbnails for documents
  • Your file should now show up in the right pane of the directory browser from before 
  • Double-click the file to bring it back to the link editor window.  You’ll notice your file name shows in the link text of the Link URL text box now
  • Press the Update button and you’ll be returned to the page edit view
  • Your file has been added an linked.  Save the page at the bottom of the page edit view and you’re done

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