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SMART Board Basics


Starting the SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard

  1. Turn on the projector, then the computer. The interactive whiteboard draws power from the computer and will be activated automatically. The Ready Light, indicating the status of your interactive whiteboard, will be red while the SMART Board and the computer are establishing communication.
  1. Log on using the computer keyboard. When the Ready Light on the pen tray turns green, the computer and the interactive whiteboard have established communication. The whiteboard is now touch-sensitive.


Orienting the SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard

You should orient your interactive whiteboard when setting it up, or if either the projector or interactive whiteboard has been moved since you last used it.

  1. Press and hold the Keyboard and the Control-click button simultaneously until the Orientation screen appears
  2. Begin orientation at the upper-left corner. Press your finger squarely in the center of each red cross in the order indicated by the white, diamond-shaped background.


Using the SMART Board

Your Finger Is Your Mouse. A press on a SMART Board interactive whiteboard is the same as a click with your mouse. To open an application, simply press or double-press the icon with your



Writing and Erasing Notes

To write over your desktop image or application, pick up one of the pens from the pen tray and write on the interactive whiteboard. To write in a different color, pick up a different pen. The color recognition comes from the optical sensors in the pen-tray slots and not from the pens themselves.


Pick up the eraser from the pen tray and move it in a smooth motion over your notes to erase them.  To erase a larger area circle it smoothly with the eraser and tap once in the middle after completing the circle.


NOTE: The interactive whiteboard only recognizes the last tool removed from the pen tray. For example, if you already have a pen in your hand when you pick up the eraser, the interactive whiteboard will assume you want to erase regardless of whether you touch the board with a pen or an eraser. To avoid confusion, return each tool to its proper slot when you are

finished writing.


Saving Your Notes and Drawings

The Floating Tools toolbar automatically launches when you pick up a pen from the Pen Tray. You can use the Area Capture button to capture your notes and drawings.


To capture an area of your desktop

  1. Press the Area Capture button on the Floating Tools toolbar. The Area Capture tool will appear.
  2. Press on any corner of the area you wish to capture and, continuing to press, drag the selection box until it surrounds the entire area.
  3. Release your press and your selection will be captured as a graphic into the Notebook software. If the Notebook software is not already open, it will open automatically when you capture a portion of your screen. Save your Notebook file by selecting File > Save


Notebook software acts as an electronic notebook that can be used to edit, save and distribute information written on a SMART Board interactive whiteboard. To launch Notebook software, press and hold the SMART Board icon in the Dock and select Open Notebook from the menu.


Floating Tools

To open Floating Tools double-click the SMART Board icon and select Floating Tools. You will be able to move Floating Tools to any part of the screen. By selecting the pen icon from the Floating Tools menu, you are now able to write on the SMART Board with your finger, rather than having to use the marker.

Floating Tools Menu

In addition to the tools offered by the Pen Tray, the Floating Tools menu also offers features such as a large screen pointer, restore/clear annotations, save/print screen, or making a right- button mouse click on the screen.

Recording your interactions with the SMART Board
Click the SMART Board icon and select Recorder. This will open the SMART Recorder feature. To change the default video and audio settings of the SMART Recorder go to Menu, then Options.

SMART Keyboard and Handwriting Recognition
Pressing the keyboard button on the pen tray under the SMART Board will bring up the SMART Keyboard for occasions where you will need to type.

Included in the SMART Keyboard option is the Handwriting Recognition Window. In this window, you can write the information that you want to be typed on the screen with one of the markers, and the SMART Board will convert your handwriting to typed text. When using Handwriting Recognition Window, you can also specify whether you are typing in capitals or writing a number. This helps the SMART Board to interpret handwriting for letters or numbers that look similar, eg. S and 5.



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