Audio and video files tend to be large can create issues when uploaded directly to Moodle. Instead, users should upload these files to a third party provider who specializes in content delivery, such and Google Drive, and include a link to that file through Moodle. The following procedures outline this process using Google Drive.

Step 1: Login to Google Drive using your Marlboro Account. If you do not have a Marlboro Account than you may sign up for a Google Account directly. ¬†Once logged into your Google Drive you can upload a file by dragging the file after it is selected into the main window panel or by right clicking within the panel, clicking “Upload Files” and then selecting the file.

Step 2: After the file is added to your Google Drive you’ll need to change the file’s sharing permissions to allow others with a link to access the file. To share the file right click on the file listing and go to “Get Shareable Link.” Next toggle the slider to the right to turn sharing on (as depicted), which will turn the toggle green, and then select “Share settings.”


Step 3: Within your “Share settings” change to enable anyone with a link to view the document (as depicted) remember to click Save. This will allow classmates to view the document without needing to sign into their Google Account.

Step 4: Afterward, copy the shareable link to your clipboard.

Step 5: Once the link is copied to your clipboard go back into Moodle. Select the text you wish to have the link work for and click the Link button (as illustrated). Paste the link and click the “Create Link” button. You can now post your changes and the link will now go to the file on your Google Drive. Always be sure to check the link first to ensure you shared and copied the link correctly.

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