To use Regal Hall’s projector and sound.

  1. Schedule at meeting with IT two weeks before the event to check your specific equipment
  2. Designate a person to be at the event shepherding technology.
  3. Get a Mac or PC laptop. Bring any converters that came with your laptop. There are converts in the room for Mac to Thunderbolt and PC/newer Macs to HDMI
  4. Get a General Master key to open the AV closet on the stage
  5. Turn on all components on the black shelf
  6. For sound use the gray minijack cable or HDMI for PCs and newer Macs
  7. Hook up your laptop, see below.

There is a wireless keyboard that allows for controlling computer from the front row of seats.

Wireless keyboard

Turn on the projector with the remote labled “Projector”

For PCs and newer Macs use HDMI or VGA cables

For older Macs, use the Thunderbolt cable

VGA to Thunderbolt cables

Set the right input on the top component on the black shelf

Source select

Mirror your displays and set to “best for display”Mirror displaysBest for display setting

Set the remote to the #1 or #2 input, whichever works.

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