Open Simulator – a Virtual World for learning

Marlboro College Graduate School has a “virtual learning space” that you (Faculty or Student) can use, free of charge.

Our virtual land is built on Open Simulator, an open source 3-D building platform, and is hosted by JokaydiaGrid. You can create your own account or use one of our testing accounts.

What do we mean by Virtual Learning Space?

Our virtual learning space is a 3-D online environment that represents physical space. Learners enter the 3D space using a small piece of software called a viewer. Represented by an avatar or toon, the learner can walk, run and fly through space. She can see the avatars of teachers and classmates, and and chat with them using both speech and text options. As a learning tool teachers and learners:

  • Can work individually (asynchronously) to create and complete activities
  • Meet synchronously for class
  • Meet in small groups to plan projects
  • Work collaboratively to build virtual objects
  • Prototype or create representations of things that would not be possible in real life
  • Create and participate in learning quests
  • Visit experts and students/teachers from other institutions
  • Explore how these virtual spaces might be used creatively to engage learners in schools, colleges and business.
Map of JokaydiaGrid

One of our MAT students is currently developing a self-paced orientation program for educational use of Open Simulator. In the meantime, contact Caleb Clark for log-in information.

Info for educators at OpenSim-Edu. This site lists some prominent institutions who are using Open Simulator.

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