This folder is for key files that support your Capstone and that are not able to be inserted into the Google documents that comprise the pages of the Capstone Archive. All files will be digitally archived in the library on servers that are entirely separate from Google. Because of this, very key files need to be in the Media folder, and not linked to other cloud services that might change in time.
The Media folder must contain, at the very least, a PDF of your final Capstone presentation and copies of any deliverables for the project, including PDFs of important Google Docs or other documents and screenshots or screencasts of completed websites and other electronic media. Anything that is referenced or linked to in your Implementing page that is a significant deliverable or part of a deliverable should be uploaded to the Media Folder.

Acceptable file types are:

  • “.pdf” for Presentations, Text & Images together too big for your documents
  • “.jpg,”, “.png”, “.tiff.” Images and graphics: that are too large for inserting into a Google Doc
  • “.avi,” “.mxf”, “.mov”, “.mp4″ Video: Audio-Video Interleave format (AVI). Material Exchange Format (MXF) Quicktime format (MOV)
  • Other: Use industry standards for archiving.

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