Audio Editing

Online recording, editing and embeddingSoundCloud is amazing. It’s for music sharing, and also recording and editing from laptops/devices that have a mic. BUT, it also hosts sound files so you can embed them anywhere with a URL!. Start an account today :-). There’s also Clip Converter, or experimental HTML5 editors, or Chrome Browser editors, or mixers.

Or your laptop with a Webcam, or on a Mac “QuickTime” under the menus for “New Audio Recording.

Robust, on your computer, local editing: Audacity is free, excellent, for PC and Mac and is preferred for on computer editing, which can be done offline. Download Audacity. Install the mp3 exporter LAME. Audacity is NOT intuitive in the beginning, but 15 minutes in a tutorial and you’ll get it.  Here’s some Audacity Tutorials, and Tutorial on Using Audacity Video



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