By creating a FERPA waiver and PIN you can allow the staff and faculty of the college to share certain information with people of your choosing.  The PIN will allow us to identify the people you’ve completed waivers for if they contact the college requesting information.  Additionally, if you are calling in to the college you can also be expected to identify yourself before making changes or requesting information.  The following steps will illustrate how to create a new waiver and how to manage the PINs for yourself and your other contacts.

Note: For security reasons you cannot specify a personal PIN for any waivers or for yourself.  The system will randomly assign you a four digit PIN.

  • Log in to Nook
  • Go to the FERPA waivers page in the “Campus” menu :
    FERPA Campus Menu
  • If you haven’t already acknowledged the FERPA agreement you’ll be asked to do so:FERPA Acknowledgement image
  • Now you should see the links to “Create a PIN” and “Add a Waiver”:FERPA Create PIN image
  • After clicking the “Create a PIN” a PIN will be automatically generated and saved.  You can reset a compromised PIN here by clicking the “Reset PIN” link:
    FERPA Personal PIN image
  • After clicking “Add a Waiver” and filling out the information required for a FERPA waiver a PIN will automatically be generated for the individual you’ve submitted.  You can see the generated PIN in the existing waiver overview on this page.  It’s important that you provide the PIN to the individuals for which you’ve supplied a waiver.  If their PIN becomes compromised you may reset it with the “Reset PIN” link:
    FERPA Waiver and PIN listing image
  • If you need to modify a waiver, click on the name of the person the waiver is for and save any new information.  You may also terminate the waiver by populating the “End Date” field or clicking the “Revoke Waiver” link in the waiver overview.

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