All content that is visible to students is current, easy to use, clear and typo-free.

The course has no course evaluations, audio recordings, or other obviously unintentional content from last trimester

Dates listed in activities, assignments, and resources are for the current trimester

All content that is not done is hidden from student view.

Course format set to “one topic per page” under “settings”

There are not multiple “Forums” when multiple “Threads” in one forum would do. Or “Single Topic” forum is used under “Forum Type.”

The “Course Summary and Support Forums” top section has the current syllabus, the Official Announcement and Help forums and instructor contact info. But that’s all. This topic needs to be very “short” in height, so students don’t have to scroll down for each topic.course summary screen shot with only Syllabi, help and announcement forum, and instructor welcome and ready me to be deleted.


The course has two columns, not three. Delete right column blockstwo column course


There are at least a few graphics or images clapper slate



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