Occasionally you can break a course by copying text or other content from an application like Word and pasting it into a label. The course content might disappear after the rogue label, editing might be blocked and columns may disappear. Don’t worry, most likely all your course content is there.

The way out of this pickle is to use a link to force Moodle to take you to the editing window for the corrupt Label. Once you are editing the Label you can then delete its contents and save the Label. Your course should go back to normal.

Here are directions on how to fix a corrupt Label from Moodle.

Or, here’s our directions:

  1. Turn editing on in your course
  2. Roll over the buggy label and see if you can see any link pop up in the lower “Status” window of your browser. If so, look for a five digit number and copy it. If rolling over doesn’t work, right-click the page where your label is and select “View source.” The source code from the page should appear. Search for the text of the label, then look for an “update” five digit number. Copy that number:
  3. Once you have the Label’s ID number you’re going to use it in a link. Copy and paste the below link into a browser, and replace the “update” number with your update number.



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