Download screen from Google Drive
Download Marlboro’s Google Drive to your computer her
  1. Personal Files. You’re on your own. Time Machine external drives, Dropbox, Personal Gmail Google Drive, OneDrive,
  2. Marlboro Files
    1. Secure files, especially with social security numbers, use Echo.
    2. Work files: Use Marlboro’s Google Drive: For easier usage, download drive and then simply put files in the Google Drive folder on your computer and they will be automatically backed up.
    3. Work Contacts when signed into Marlboro’s Google:
    4. Photos: Marlboro’s Google Photos:
    5. Videos: Use Google Drive or Malboro’s YouTube account as Private, Unlisted, or Public. Sign into Marlboro’s Google and go to:
    6. For Teams (to make sharing and turnover much easier), use Google Team Drives where you find your regular drive.

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