Portfolio Content
Portfolio Content

For those of you who were interested in the “Portfolio” content type in WordPress (Marlboro’s, or wordpress.com), here’s a mini-tutorial.

The “Portfolio” content type in WordPress allows you to enter “projects” that are like a “Post” or a “Page.” Portfolio content types enable one to layout pages of your projects with thumbnail featured images though, without doing any layout, it’s automatic based on your own categories.

We use WordPress’s own Jetpack to enable portfolio content types. You’ll need to start, or use, an account you have on WordPress.com to use Jetpack, but your content will always be on your blog.

To Enable Portfolio Content Type on a Marlboro College WordPress blog:

Go to your dashboard and find “Jetpack” on the left column. Enable and connect it with Wordpress.com.


Enable the content type in  “Settings/Writing

Enable Portfolio Content Type

Enter at least one portfolio piece with one category


Then follow directions here that show how to put portfolio content onto a Page automatically: https://en.support.wordpress.com/portfolios/

This involves simply making a new Page and putting come code in brackets on that page while in “Text” mode. Here’s some code that will work:



[portfolio display_types=true display_content=true display_tags=false include_type=things columns=3 showposts=12 orderby=title]


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