Every student, faculty and staff member with a Marlboro email address has a YouTube account via Google.

You can use it to upload private, and public, videos for assignments and other schoolwork. Here’s how to use your account.

1. Log into your Marlboro Google account as usual and go to Gmail.
2. Find YouTube in the nine tiny square matrix where you find Drive, Sites and other Google Apps. You may have to click “More.”


3. Click it and then click “Upload.”
4. You an edit your video’s privacy, thumbnail, and other information with the “pen” button.
How_To_Student_Testimonial_Video_Tips_-_YouTube 2
5. Set your video’s privacy to “Unlisted” if you do not want to come up in YouTube searches. If you do not set your video privacy to “Unlisted,” your video will come up in YouTube searches.
6. To share, click “Share” below your video and copy the address.
How_To_Student_Testimonial_Video_Tips_-_YouTube 3

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