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Information Technology

Technical Support

If you have a problem with your Marlboro College provided systems and/or services and you want it resolved quickly, begin by searching the knowledge base to determine whether a resolution to your problem is already documented. If not or you need further technical assistance, please contact technical support.

Computer Labs

There is a general computer lab, with both Macs and PCs, in the library, where various software is loaded. There are also dedicated labs for multimedia/video production (in the Rice Library), electronic music (in Serkin), and physics (in Brown Science).

Campus Wide Network

Marlboro provides a local ethernet network with a 500Mb connection to the Internet. Academic buildings, common spaces, and most dorm rooms have 802.11g/n wireless coverage. Access to most areas of the network requires Network Registration.

Classroom Technology

An inventory of academic space resources is maintained in our Academic Spaces documentation.

Marlboro Accounts

If you are a member of the Marlboro Community and do not have a Marlboro account please request one. For account support, reference the Account Support documentation. Student, faculty, and staff Marlboro Accounts come with a associated email. For email support, reference the E-mail Support documentation.

Mailing Lists

The IT department provides email mailing lists. If you are interested in a emailing a group to keep in contact we can set up a mailing list. Mailing lists has several several features, including automatic archiving through Google Groups.

Personal Websites

Any community member can host sites with Google Sites within our Google Apps account.


We have a high-capacity networked printer available for student use in the library. For printing support, reference our Printing Support documentation.