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International Services

The Office of International Services provides support and resources to students and faculty participating in faculty-led trips, students taking semesters abroad or international internships, and international students making the adjustment to life at Marlboro. Maggie Patari, director of international services, is ideally equipped to help community members locate resources and navigate the options available to them. Her office is located in the first floor of the library, and you can reach her at 258-9220 or

You can start exploring your options on the website under International Opportunities.

Maggie Patari, Director of Global Learning and International Services

Maggie manages all aspects of Marlboro's international programming; from supporting international students to coordinating study abroad students, and from overseeing internationalization efforts on campus to developing overseas partners and exchange agreements. Prior to Marlboro College, Maggie directed short-term study abroad programs for high school students in Europe, Asia, Oceania, and the Caribbean. Maggie earned her MA in International Education from the SIT Graduate Institute and her BA in Human Geography and International Studies from the University of Wisconsin. In a previous life Maggie lived in (yes, in) a bookstore in the Czech Republic, on an island with no roads in Fiji, and in the rainforest of Dominica, but is thoroughly enjoying putting down roots here in southern Vermont.


 Dora Musini, International Services Coordinator

 As the international services coordinator, Dora supports and integrates Maggie’s   role. An international graduate student herself, she is currently pursuing her MA in   International Education at the SIT Graduate Institute of Brattleboro. 

 Dora’s international background includes studying abroad and spending time as an   au pair in China, pursuing graduate studies in the US and travelling extensively   throughout Europe, her home region. She is also interested in language learning  and teaching, and holds a TESOL certification from Centro Espiral Mana, in Costa   Rica. She especially loves travelling, cats, chocolate and those quirky presentations   that make professionals approachable by telling you what they love. 


 Dominique Drees, International Services Assistant

 Kia Ora!

  That’s te reo maori, the native language of New Zealand, and means welcome.
  My name is Dominique and I am here to encourage you all to go abroad. I am only 24     years old but through my travels and adventures abroad it feels like a lifetime.
  Born in Germany I never felt at home there, so when I was 16 I decided to move to   Spain for an exchange program. I didn’t know any Spanish back then besides “Hola, me   llamo Dominique. Como estas?” But the thing is, even if you don’t have any clue you will   always be fine! It took me three months to become fluent. I am still friends with the           people I met there and it changed my life. I knew I wanted to do it again, so I kept on   travelling. After graduation I went to New Zealand, the country I fell in love with. Continuing my studies I have worked with travel agencies, moved to the Canary Islands for a semester abroad and worked for the International Office at my home University (*which btw is part of the exchange program here!) until my path led me to Marlboro.
I am happy to be here and whatever/ whenever question you have in regards to going abroad or if you simply want to hear more about my stories and experiences just seek me out!


  Ricarrdo Valentine, International Services Assistant

  Greetings everyone,

  My name is Ricarrdo Valentine and I am ecstatic about being an International   Services Assistant. I come to Marlboro College with a global perspective of dance   education and activism. My dance practice has given me the privilege to take my   work abroad to places in the Caribbean (Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Haiti and   Puerto Rico) and Mazatlan, Mexico. I encourage you to take advantage of the   opportunities to travel and study abroad, so that you can become a conscience Global Citizen for change. Use your gift as a key to unlock the joy and mystery of travel and education. You deserve it. Stop by the International Office for study abroad and internship information and I will be glad to assist you.

Nos Vemos, Ciudadano del mundo!