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Employment Opportunities

CategoryTitleDate Posted
staffAdmissions Counselor09/11/2018Apply
staffAssistant Director of Residence Life and Community Standards08/14/2018Apply
staffAssociate Director of Admissions - International Recruitment09/11/2018Apply
staffDean of Students11/15/2018Apply
staffDirector of Communications & Marketing10/03/2018Apply
staffDirector of Financial Aid07/06/2018Apply
staffDirector of Leadership Giving03/26/2018Apply
staffHVAC Technician / Plumber 09/10/2018Apply
staffMaintenance Assistant11/16/2018Apply
staffTechnical Director - Theater07/19/2018Apply

Applicants interested in a faculty position are recommended to review the Faculty Search Process.

Working at Marlboro

Founded in 1946, Marlboro College offers undergraduate education in the liberal arts and, since 1997, graduate study focused on professional training and internet technologies. Its undergraduate students enjoy a 8:1 student-faculty ratio, a voice in governing the community and individualized courses of study on a 350-acre campus in the hills of southern Vermont.

Marlboro's mission "to teach students to think clearly and to learn independently" is best served when students experience a wide variety of ideas, opinions and cultural backgrounds. Students are thereby better prepared to recognize and then to acquire the skills and understanding they may need to succeed as citizens in the wider world. Marlboro seeks, then, to sustain a community diverse in the background experience, interests, ideas and cultural practice of its members, and to engage one another constructively toward that end.

Equal Opportunity Employer/Non-Discrimination Statement

Marlboro College is an Equal Opportunity Employer. According to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, Marlboro College will not discriminate against employees or applicants based on their race, creed, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or its expression, nationality, ethnic origin, age or disability. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Marlboro College will not discriminate against employees or applicants in their employment or hiring practices because of a disability. We will make reasonable accommodations when necessary and when requested to do so, unless the accommodation(s) would impose an undue hardship.


Please direct any staff position applicant questions to our Human Resources department (802-451-7160). Inquiries regarding discrimination should be made to the Human Resources Department, Marlboro College, Marlboro, Vermont 05344, 802-257-4333 x160 or 802-451-7160.

Thank you for your interest in working for Marlboro College.