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Consent Cavalry Program

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The Consent Cavalry is a peer education and leadership program that empowers students and promotes conversation around positive sexuality on Marlboro College’s campus. Through workshops and trainings, students will learn that consent is a part of their everyday lives, not just an issue around sexual assault. Members of the Consent Cavalry will promote positive sexuality and pleasure positive conversation, peer to peer, and present themselves as a resource to the community on the subjects of positive sexuality and consent. We live in a sex negative, rape culture that discourages healthy expression of sexuality and silences victims/survivors of sexual and dating violence. Members of the Consent Cavalry are actively working on changing this culture through intentional and informed conversation with the intent of making a lasting and positive impact on the Marlboro College community.


Goals of the Consent Cavalry:

-To train and educate students on the subjects of positive sexuality, consent, Marlboro College’s Policy on Sexual Misconduct, and on and off campus resources

-To empower students to have peer to peer conversations on the topics of positive sexuality and consent

-To encourage an on-campus culture shift from sex negative and victim blaming messaging to sex positive and supportive messaging around sex and sexual violence



WHIP (Wellness and Informed Peers) Course (Spring 2019)

Bystander Intervention Training

Two Meetings with the Survivor Advocate on Marlboro College’s policy on sexual misconduct and on and off campus resources

Attending any (and promoting some) programming put on by the Coordinator for Campus Prevention, Intervention, and Advocacy, including all speakers, trainings, and workshops


Sex Positive Philosophy: 

All forms of sexuality are healthy and encouraged as long as the expression of that sexuality is consensual.

Through the Consent Cavalry program, students will be trained on the subjects of positive sexuality and consent that will prepare them for being a resource to their peers. Students will be expected to complete all the requirements of the program, as it is designed to be a professional development opportunity and serious commitment to dismantling the sex negative culture we have been socialized within. Students will also be prepared to hold their own talk or program on the subjects they learned within the Consent Cavalry program to present themselves as resources on the subject and open the conversation up amongst their peers. By completing this program, students will be prepared and able to take this conversation into the world in an informed and empowered way. 


Email Megan Grove at to find out more or to join!

**Consent Cavalry logo and language courtesy of Isabella Rotman's comic "Not On My Watch."Download the e-book for free: **