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Diversity and Inclusion

The Diversity and Inclusion Task Force was created in 2016 to better understand the meaning of diversity and inclusion on our campus and to develop a set of recommendations to help guide the college in becoming a more diverse and inclusive institution.

Taskforce Objectives

  • Generate programs to educate and engage the college community on issues of diversity and inclusion, social justice, power and privilege.
  • Promote and support efforts to incorporate multicultural perspectives throughout the curriculum.
  • Provide a physical space for underrepresented and/or marginalized identities to meet independent of the dominant culture.
  • Act as a resource for learning aids in the areas of race, gender, gender expression, power, privilege, social justice, ability and diversity.
  • Enhance College’s objectives to ensure the academic success of all its students.
  • Encourage students and faculty to engage in study that focus in areas of diversity, power, social justice and privilege.
  • Work closely with Selectboard, Student Life, Faculty, and Town Meeting to incorporate vision, ideals and objectives into the Marlboro community.

Highlights from 2016 - 17

  • A community conversation with Kandace Montgomery on Black Lives Matter and organizing with a black queer feminist lens
  • A workshop on microagressions with Romina Pacheo
  • A series of events on Martin Luther King Jr Day; including a talk by Curtiss Reed Jr
  • Community-wide open listening sessions at lunch 
  • Development of a new Diversity and Inclusion mission statement for the college
  • A fundraising performance by Bread and Puppet 
  • Meetings with the Admissions committee, Hiring commitee, and other groups to advocate for the recruitment and retainment of faculty, staff, and students of color

Current Task Force Members

  • Bobbi Crocker, student
  • Rosario de Swanson, professor of Spanish language and literature 
  • Richard Glejzer, dean of faculty
  • Annalise Guidry, student
  • Kristin Horrigan, professor of dance
  • Sara Jane Muratori, assistant dean of students (chair)
  • Catherine O'Callaghan, assistant dean of academic advising and support
  • Maggie Patari, director of global engagement and international services
  • Ricarrdo Valentine, student

Marlboro College Center for Equity, Empowerment, and Inclusion

The Marlboro Center for Equity, Empowerment, and Inclusion seeks to support, retain, and sustain all Marlboro students who identify as underrepresented due to race, class, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender expression, ability, and veteran status. The Center provides tools, resources, and assistance to support a learning environment in which underrepresented students will learn about diversity, social justice, power, and privilege.

The Center for Equity and Empowerment houses the following groups: the Queer Resource Center, Living in Color, the Women’s Resource Center, the Spiritual Life Committee, and a dedicated study space for students with learning differences. There is also a common space in which the Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce holds its weekly meetings.

Helpful Links (check back often as this is a new section that will be growing and changing often ;)

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Green Mountain Crossroads

ACT for Social Justice

Educational Resources:

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