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Making Decisions

Contemplating graduate school? To set the stage for careful decision making, it is important to establish a clear idea about your reasons for pursuing advanced study and the realities of your imagined future career path.

Goals and Assumptions

  • What factors are motivating you to begin graduate study?
  • Do you have a passion for a particular field of study?
  • Has a professor or mentor encouraged you to pursue a graduate or professional degree?
  • Do you feel ready for graduate school, or are you responding to expectations from others?
  • Do your skills and interests match the degree program you’re considering?
  • Is a degree a prerequisite? Will it help you to advance or to transition into a new field?
  • Have you weighed the investment of time and resources, including lost earnings?
  • Are you aware of the marketability of your degree and the job prospects?

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Receiving a job or internship offer is both exciting and stressful, since this stage involves narrowing choices and making decisions. The decision to accept a job or internship is a very personal one, and often involves both listening to your gut and taking a leap of faith. While you are making this immediate career decision, you may want to consider the role, compensation, the skills you will learn and use, and how the position will impact your future goals and next steps.  

Here are some examples of resources offering salary data and calculators: