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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where is the Career Development Office located?

A. The Career Development Office is located in the Library on the ground floor in the Center for Experiential Learning and Global Engagement.

Q. How do I contact the Career Development Office?

A. Contact Kate Trzaskos, to schedule an appointment.

Q. Why should I go? 

A. The Career Office provides students with a unique opportunity to assess their life priorities and developmental needs, gather current occupational and academic information, and to receive professional support in defining and achieving their career goals.  Visit us and explore the resources designed to help you succeed in your personal and professional growth.

Q. When should I go? 

A. Don’t wait until you are a senior to visit your career counselor. It’s best to plan ahead and begin thinking about your career path as early as freshman year. You’ll need time to build your resume through volunteer/intern or work experience and your counselor can help you through this process. 

Q. How much time should I commit to my career planning? 

A. Commitment to career planning is a personal decision and varies in length, depending on one’s individual needs and attitude.  Involvement may be as simple as a visit to the Career Office, or it may require extensive investment of one’s time.  Commitment to career planning increases greatly when you become aware of your interests, skills, personality style, and how they would relate to the world of work. Keep in mind that a typical job search takes 3-6 months.

Q. Are the resources of the Career Development Office available to Alumni?

A.  Career counseling services are available to students who are currently enrolled at Marlboro in at least one class and to all Marlboro Alumni.