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Campus Safety

The Marlboro community takes campus safety very seriously, and every effort is made to provide a safe environment for living and learning. Risks to safety can take many forms, from natural disasters to flu outbreaks. Marlboro has policies and procedures to deal with these risks at every level, and that being a small, close-knit community has many advantages in most cases. For a complete list of safety-related contacts and procedures, see the college's Emergency Response Plan.

In the event of an emergency, never be afraid to call 911 if the issue seems serious.

For emergency issues during business hours, first call 911 then either call or text the Campus Safety iPhone at 802-490-9073, or call *611 which activates phones in several offices. If urgent but not emergent, call *611 or come to the dean of students, director of housing and residential life, or the Total Health Center so we can help determine how best to support a student.  

For emergency issues after business hours, first call 911 then either call or text the RA iPhone at 802-490-9048 and if you don't get a reply within a few minutes, page the RA on call at 877-730-0533 who can get a coordinator to help while waiting for EMTs. If urgent but not emergent, call, text, or page the RA on call, who can help determine the best next steps. See paging instructions.

Campus safety works very closely with the resident life team, and falls under the supervision of the dean of students and director of safety. The following is a list of contacts that help ensure community safety for non-emergency concerns.

During business hours contact:

  • Tanner Jones, Director of Residence Life: 802-258-9232
  • Bob Perkins, Interim Dean of Students: 802-258-9238

For your own safety and that of others, please wear something reflective or use a light of some sort while walking on South Road. And walk facing traffic, on the left side of the road, so that a car is not coming from behind you. Reflective gear is available in the OP to check out, and most smart phones have a flashlight app you can turn on for your walk.