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Changes for Plan Grading Policy & Practices for Spring 2020

  • With agreement between the primary sponsor and the student, the Final Plan Grade may be determined on a pass/fail basis.  If this is the case, this must be communicated to the registrar at least one week before the orals take place.

  • Students who have elected a pass/fail Final Plan Grade may request that some or all progress grades for Plan courses and tutorials are converted to letter grades or pass/fail grades. Such requests must be made to the Dean of Faculty by April 22nd or one week before the Oral Evaluation, whichever is earlier. The Dean will communicate with the appropriate instructors to determine whether this is possible. In cases when this is not possible, the progress grades will be replaced on the transcript by the passing Plan grade, or the student may elect to convert the progress grade to C-.

  • If family emergency or medical crisis due to COVID-19 makes it impossible for a student to complete their Plan, the student may petition the Dean of Faculty that they be awarded a Marlboro degree without completing their Plan and having an Oral Evaluation, provided they meet all other criteria for graduation.  In this case, progress grades remain on the transcript and S and S- grades are considered equivalent to C- or better.

  • Outside evaluators will be sought for all orals to be present remotely. Given unpredictable complications due to COVID-19, with agreement between the primary sponsor and the student, the Oral Evaluation may be held without an Outside Evaluator. In such a case, the evaluating committee should include at least one Marlboro Faculty Member not involved in the Plan.